PMPs Continue to Overcome

While the pest control industry continues to face ongoing and unforeseen challenges, it’s a reminder that this group of professionals can overcome any obstacle. It’s been amazing spending another year working alongside dedicated individuals within our industry who use their knowledge to find innovative ways to persevere and continuously serve the needs of their customers and communities. Your commitment and hard work are truly an inspiration.

This is only one of the reasons why Syngenta has been the proud sponsor of the Crown Leadership Awards for more than 30 years. Those who receive this prestigious award have shown what it means to be stewards of this industry, helping us all achieve our goal of providing a life uninterrupted by pests.

We’re delighted to congratulate the 2022 Crown Leadership Award recipients: Cleveland Dixon Jr., Holiday Termite & Pest Control; Tim Pollard, Arrow Exterminators; Andrew Klein, Terminix; Kevin Lemasters, Action Leadership; and Dominique Stumpf, National Pest Management Association. Each one has demonstrated what it means to be a leader, inspiring and guiding so many in our industry.

At Syngenta, our top priority is supporting you with world-class solutions that are valuable to your business. This year we introduced a dry flowable bait, Advion® MicroFlow insect bait, to our trusted Advion portfolio. It makes a big impact with a small application by controlling cockroaches, ants and other tough pests in hard-to-reach spots. We’re also proud to have just kicked off another year of the industry’s longestrunning yearlong savings program, PestPartnersSM 365, which offers yearlong savings on our entire pest control product portfolio. Lastly, we’re excited to further expand our Advion line with Advion Trio cockroach gel bait, coming soon in 2023. It combines three active ingredients, including two insect growth regulators, to create a unique solution for controlling large cockroach infestations. Our Syngenta team is always available to answer any questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Once again, congratulations to the Crown Leadership Awards Class of 2022! Thanks for everything you do for your customers, colleagues and the entire industry.

Marshall Gaster
Head of Marketing, Professional Pest Management
Syngenta, North America

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